Inception Stage

* Goal-setting

* Preparation of a project plan which defines the project organization, the distribution

of responsibilities and authority, quality assurance measures and reporting principles

* Preparation of required contracts

* Planning of documentation

* Management of the Permitting process

* Preliminary cost estimates and schedules


Engineering & Design

* Selection of designer team, contracts and design standards

* Project management

* Schedule and resources planning

* Creation of project organisation, including the organisation during construction

* Reporting and preparatory work to assist the Client in decision-making

* Official permits and contracts


Preparation Stage

* Selection of implementation method

* Tender documents

* Selection of contractors, contract negotiations and contract agreements

* Preparation of the developer‘s own purchases


Construction Stage

* Project management

* Supervision and direction of the construction work

* Cost and schedule supervision and reporting to the Client

* Handling of additional or alteration work (engineering, ,contracts, supervision)

* Payments monitoring and cash flow forecasts

* Inquiries and contracts for developer‘s separate purchases

* Supervision of developer‘s separate purchases

* Meetings, inspections and reviews during construction

* Correspondence and claims during construction

* Contact with authorities

* Technical supervision and tests

* Final and post-completion inspections

* Other responsibilities agreed on with the Client


Warranty period

* Monitoring of repairs under warranty

* Possible claims on the contractor and the quarantors

* Preparation and conduct of inspections under warranty

* Possible post-completion inspections