About Us

UAB Kuvitas is company specialising in Real Estate and Construction projects management. The international experience and the knowledge of our staff enable to control the developments of our clients from inception to the final commissioning of their project. In addition to their technical and management skills, our personnel are competent in all the contractual and financial aspects of projects.


Our guiding principle is to look after interest of our client in all dealings with project stakeholders. Our aim is to be involved in the project from the outset, to assist the Client in setting goals, in making key decisions, in selecting the most suitable design team for the project, and in entering into contracts. We also manage the design and planning process, achieve all operational and technical goals, and manage the project on schedule and within the established and agreed budgets.


We believe that the management systems to control the project must be established at the inception of the project and managed throughout the design and construction stages. Early advice on the construction method, the contractors and engineers, and contracts prepared by experts and based on detailed contract documents will establish a solid foundation for the project management and supervision during the construction stage.


The quality system used by our company ensures that our services are consistently high quality and comprehensive. We tailor the project organisation to the needs of the project and the Client , we ensure that all necessary work will be done, but avoid the use of unnecessary or overlapping resources.


Our comprehensive and responsible project management allows Clients to focus their resources more efficiently on their own business. Naturally, we keep the Client constantly informed on the status of the project. The work we do to ease the Client‘s decision-making process ensures project success and enables the Client to concentrate on the achievement his business goals.


We welcome confidential, frank and free contacts from potential Clients, and will respond in similar spirit.


Ready to be at your service!


Vytautas Kukarskas

UAB Kuvitas